Bo Bridges is a world-renowned commercial and fine art photographer. His passion for adventure drives the dynamic imagery he produces. His portfolio is an eclectic mix of professional athletes, celebrity portraits, film and television campaigns, in addition to beautiful scenes and imagery from around the world. Bo was introduced to photography through an elective college course and his commitment to the art and excellence in technique has remained steadfast every since.

After acquiring his pilot’s license in 1999, Bo began developing his signature theme, ‘from above and below,’ that is prevalent in much for his work. He then moved to Vail, Colorado in 2001 to shoot ski and snowboard athletes which then segwayed a primary photographer at both the Summer and Winter X Games, now for the past 15 years. Bo says, “If you see the action, you missed the shot!” This statement embodies in his work as he effortlessly transports the viewer to the moment when the shot was taken. His passion for action and adventure has since parlayed into shooting campaigns for action films including Mission: Impossible V, The Transporter, Brick Castles and Chasing Mavericks.

ESPN regarded Bo’s photo credits as a “pyramid wall filled with iconic pieces of history.” As Bo’s collection of historical moments grows, so does his desire to experiment with new technology and techniques. His adventures range from swimming with great white sharks of Guadalupe Island, to hanging outside of an airplane with Tom Cruise in Morocco, to developing awareness to the damage of natural disasters with Linkin Park and their Music for Relief foundation. He is pioneering the use of virtual reality in action and water sports, bringing a never-before-seen experience to viewers.

A visit to one of Bo’s galleries is a snapshot into his experiences and expertise. From below the ocean’s surface to hanging out a helicopter door, Bo is constantly pushing the boundaries of his work to be able to share new perspectives with the world. 

Bo Bridges Photography Inc
1108 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, California 90266
(310) 937-3764